Saturday, August 3, 2013

BlogHer 2013: Leading Ladies

As most of you know I attended BlogHer last week in Chicago.  I was thrilled to be attending my first Blogging conference but I was nervous to travel for the first time by myself.  Imagine attending a conference of 5,000 women and going to seminars, parties & meals by yourself.  I knew I had to make the most of it because it took a pretty penny getting me there.  So I joined a Facebook group "cool people attending BlogHer" created by the hilarious Abbie.   Enter Crissy she was part of that group too!  She messaged me and asked if I wanted to be her plus 1 for a fashion event!  Um yes!  Not only was I constantly checking that facebook group but I only scanned the twitter streams for #blogher13.  I was so excited to see that Shannon was attending!  I've read her blog and follow her on social media but never formally introduced myself.  So I sent her a tweet that we have to meet up!  She responded and the rest is history!  So before I left Chicago I had both of their numbers saved in my cell and plans with both of them to meet up! 


These two ladies helped make my experience at BlogHer an unforgettable one!  They are SO much fun and were up for almost anything!  I highly suggest you go check out their blogs and tell them hello! I have a few more BlogHer posts that I'm working on and at the end I will be giving away a mini swag bag of some neat items I picked up! Have a great weekend!

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