Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winged Liner : Tutorial

EEK. My first tutorial! 
I'm sure you have all seen the winged liner looks over the last couple of years. I have people ask me all the time, "How did you do that?" "How did you make both eyes look so even?", "What kind of liner do you use?", Or they just resort to the idea that they could never do it if they tried. Well folks, I hope today's post will help answer those questions, and make you feel like you can do this yourself.

First- I will show you what I used to achieve this look. 
(Please bare with me, I used my cell phone to take these pictures.)

First I used eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay (not pictured), then used a few shades from a limited edition holiday palette from Bare Minerals. The liner I used to create the wing is just the black liquid liner from Sephora. 

Here are the before pictures with only my shadow, and complexion finished.

First step is to line the upper lash line as close as possible with your liner, and just go from inner corner to outer lid. It should look something like this:

Second step is hard to see, but your going to take the liner from the LOWER outter lash line and draw a line out. Do the same on both sides- this is where you make sure the lines will match up.

Third step is to draw down the lashes from the tip of the corner. In my opinion when you move in a downward motion here, you have more control over the liquid and in blending it out.

From this point, you just fill in the tiny triangular looking shape at the end. You can also go back and thicken the liner if necessary. You can always go thicker* but it's harder to go back and make that liner smaller.

Add Mascara for a finished look. 

There ya have it! Cat eye / Winged Liner look. Sorry for the dark pictures. Let me know what you think- and if you have any questions- Please ask!! 


  1. Have you tried the look with false lashes? How did that work?

  2. Lacey! yes i did! I wear them more for special occasions but I love them with this look!


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