Thursday, November 29, 2012

PIB Weekend Away: Island Fun Pack

When Jill from Lake Erie Shores & Islands starting planning our weekend trip to PIB she mentioned the Island Fun Pack.  It seemed like something only couples with children would do but we decided to check it out and see what it was all about.  We arrived at The Depot to pick up our Fun Pack & hop on the first train ride of the day.  The train ride takes you to all destinations in the fun pack & also gives you a tour around the island and a history lesson.  Put in Bay has much more history than I ever knew! 

Our first stop was at Perry's Cave family fun center.  We took a stroll through the Antique Car Museum. 

Then headed to Perry's Cave which was originally discovered by Commodore Perry in 1813.   The cave is 52 feet below surface and hosts a rare underground lake. 

My personal favorite of the fun pack was the Butterfly house!  It felt like a piece of heaven on earth.  There is beautiful peaceful music playing, fountains & park benches.  I told Eric I wanted to take a nap in there. 

We also checked out the War of 18 holes Miniature Golf! Eric may have beat me but I still enjoyed the game!

And we finished off our fun pack at Heineman's Winery & Crystal Cave.  The Winery was founded in 1888 & survived prohibition of alcohol by selling grape juice & offering cave tours! The tour includes wine sampling & we decided to also enjoy a cheese plate thanks to Jayme's recommendation.

We were pleasantly surprised on how much fun the Island Fun Pack was & how much we learned & discovered!  After spending a few hours at the fun center & winery we just grabbed the train ride back to the depot!  It was a perfect way to spend a day at Put in Bay!  Thank you so much to Heineman's Winery & Perry's Cave Family Fun Center for providing 2 Island Fun Packs! 


  1. Love the new look here! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time, I love that cave and the winery! What a neat history.

  2. I love your new header! It's the perfect color. Are you located that close to PIB? I feel like you go there often and I honestly have no idea where it is in relation to you or me, but anyways, it sounds like such a fun and distant land. Also that plate of food is making me hungry.


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