Friday, August 31, 2012

an update

Hello friends.  I have been absent for over a week now.  Early last week I became sick with what I thought was an upper respiratory infection.  On Saturday of last week I went to the hospital because I was unable to keep my medicine down.  I was diagnosed with double Pneumonia.  I was release from the hospital on Monday and have had a slow recovery.  Since I was sick a lot when I was a child it takes my body longer to heal from sickness.  I'm finally out of wearing pajamas every day and being chauffeured around town.  I put on real clothes yesterday for the first time and actually drove today for the first time in 10 days! 

I have learned to rely on other people and let go of being in control.  That has been very hard.  I know 2012 has been a hard year in plenty of aspects and I may have over done it in a few areas of my life.  I need to scale back, enjoy life & rest.  I had so many friends and family come by to visit me while I was in the hospital.  It really reminded me how important these people are to me.  My Mom was such an angel.  She did my laundry, fed me & spent 3 entire days in the hospital.  Eric was out of town for a few of the days and his neighbor was nice enough to take care of the dogs. 

So to make it short & sweet, I'm going to slow down on blogging.  I will still be blogging but in a very different way.  I'm not going to follow a schedule, seek sponsors & worry about my stats.  I want to go back to blogging because its a passion not a duty.  When I have something to share I will.  If not I'm not going to create uninspired content.  I really want to live this life the best I can.  I want to have more time for family and friends.  I'm sure it will be nice for Eric to have my full attention and not have my face glued to the laptop.  I hope you understand while I start my new journey.  And thank you to those who prayed for me & kept my spirits high when I was sick. 

With love,


  1. Really really thankful you are on the up and up.


    Love you!

  2. So glad to hear that you are on the mend! And I'm glad that you have such an amazing support system to make recovery easier. Totally understand on slowing things down - blogging should be for fun and never a stress. Keep getting better, dear!


  3. Oh Stacia, I'm so sorry to hear you've been so sick! I was actually just thinking about you today (saw someone wearing a lovely lacey vest similar to yours!)

    Keep healing and know we'll all be here when you pop back into blogland, ready to hear what exciting things you've been up to!

    Feel better doll!

  4. Oh no!!! I'm happy to hear you are on the mend!! I think your readers will stick around no matter what/when you post. :)

  5. i am so glad you are feeling better my love! can't wait to chat next week! xoxo


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