Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I Wore: Extending those long legs

Top & Jeans: TJ Maxx,  Shoes: Target, Tank: Old Navy, Purse: The Limited, Glasses: Dollar Tree

Well if you want your already long legs to look even longer the key is very formfitting pants with sky high heels.  That is the trick.  The other trick is to wear a flowy top with those tight pants so you can breath.  Breathing is key.


  1. I love this outfit!!!!!

    Love that those adorable sunglasses are from the Dollar Tree.

  2. I love this look! I'll have to remember this when it gets a little cooler. If I were to wear jeans now, I'd probably pass out! ;)

  3. I know I've said more than once how much I like those shoes! I almost, almost picked them up at Target. Pairing them with the skinny jeans makes for a great silhouette, you're right. I love high heels, being a short gal. You look lovely as always, Stacia!


  4. I just love that top and I don't think I could say it enough. The shoes were crazy awesome too. I am so glad that the pictures turned out so well!

  5. Love this outfit! Those heels are awesome :)


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