Monday, July 2, 2012

Guest Post: Sarah from Zzouzi Vintage & Handmade!

Hope you are having a great start to your week!  This guest post from Miss Sarah will put a smile on your face!  Sarah is one of my must daily reads.  She is sweet and full of sass!  Check out her guest post (this is her first time guest posting!) and make sure to comment and say hello!

Hello Stacia Lee readers! I'm Sarah from Zzouzi Vintage & Handmade!

By day I'm a nanny and by night I'm a secret agent! Just kidding, I'm a hat designer and I sell vintage on Etsy and at local vintage fairs. Still sort of neat right? I live in Chicago with my fiance and two adorable (and mischievous) kitties.

This is Ismail! Isn't he handsome? We look pretty fancy here but I promise you it's all deceiving. We were at a crazy party for New Years Eve where the toilet was broken and the floor had a layer of slime. It's okay though, we had fun.

Here are my two kitties, Lena (the brown one) and Fin (white and black one). They look very angelic here but usually theyre ruffling through my millinery supplies and attacking one another.

Most of my weekends are full of selling vintage, fairs, and fun summer activities. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to travel to fun places. Over the winter I finally got to go visit two friends in California!!

I also really enjoy crafting. Since I am on a budget most of the time DIYs are my go-tos when I need to replicate a trendy necklace, home decor, hair tutorials, or some easy nail tutorials.

Oh! And I love Harry Potter!

Well! I hope you guys enjoyed my guest post and come visit me on my blog! I love meeting new people through blogging :) It's always a lot of fun to meet different people from around the world.

Love from Chicago,


  1. I just checked out your store and you have some great things!

    Love this little post, so funny and cute!!!


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