Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guest Post: Dresses Are My Enemy - Until Now

Jayme is my final guest Blogger! She has grown to be one of my closest friends and I know you will love her too!

Hello all of the fashionably fabulous Free To Be Stacia Lee readers! My name is Jayme and I write the lifestyle blog, The Random Blogette. My blog is all about the randomness that is my life and family. I was lucky enough to meet the adorable Stacia at the Grand Opening for The Limited at Westfield Mall, last year. We also co-hosted the Ohio Michigan Blogger Meet Up just last month. I am so honored to be here today!


When Stacia asked me to write a guest post here, I thought - me, fashionable, not so much. Stacia is always so kind saying how adorable my clothes are when I see her but my idea of fashion is throwing on a pair of jeans, a shirt that isn't wrinkled and some flats as I head out the door to my office job in the morning. We do not get many clients in my office so my work attire is pretty casual and basic. I try really hard to be cute but I work with a bunch of guys that could really care less.

I have been trying really hard to pay more attention to what I wear lately, but it can be difficult to dress my body. I have a large chest and a small waist. I know - wah! - but really it is so hard to find something that fits my chest and isn't so huge in the waist area. Because of this, dresses and I are mortal enemies. Let's not forget to throw in the fact that I am only 5'2 and 3/4" tall. (I have to throw in that 3/4"!)

I really dread dress shopping, but I wanted a pretty summer dress that I could wear to a few events this summer. I had to bring my mom along with me because she is very honest. She will, of course, tell me that I look beautiful, but be honest enough with me that I don't end up buying a dress that makes me look like I am wearing a garbage bag. You know how delusional those dressing rooms can make you feel. How many of you have thought something looked great on you when you tried it on at the store, but then got home and realized that you looked ridiculous in it? I know it is not just me.

I tried on several pretty dresses and sent pictures to Stacia, as well as posted them on Instagram. I needed help. I had one very pretty dress in my hands and was ready to buy it, but I had this weird feeling that it just wasn't "the one".  Then I found this one...

 Dress: I.N. Studio - Dillard's $69 (Tried to find it online but it is gone.)
Shoes: Candies - Kohl's 

I have pretty much fallen in love with the dress and want to wear it everywhere I go. It is light and it holds in my armpit fat oh so well! I feel like such a girl in it! Now I want to find a million dresses just like this one, but in different colors of course. I would wear them every day!

Have you ever found that one dress that makes you feel amazing? Where is your favorite place to find dresses?

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  1. You know, I sometimes have trouble finding things that fit in the bust, even though I'm pretty average in that area (a C cup)! Button down shirts are the worst. So much ready to wear clothing just seems to be made for less chest-y people. This dress is great on you!


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