Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anderson & Josephina

I am one proud Mama!  Anderson & Josephina just finished their in home dog training classes!  When it was time to choose a dog trainer I decided to call their veterinarian office and they suggested John of "Lets Train" I called him the next day and scheduled our fist session!  He has several options for training.  You can meet him in a classroom setting with other dogs or he has in house training sessions.  I choose the in house because Josephina doesn't always get along with big dogs.  We started out with some behaviors that we knew we wanted improved but had no idea how to do so.  John knew exactly how to help and was very patient with us.  If you are looking for a dog trainer in the Northwest Ohio area I would highly recommend John.  The dogs are so much happier and so are we!  You can find John on facebook!

Last week was also Anderson's 6th birthday!  Which I cant believe its seems like he was just a puppy.  It has come quite the tradition to get ice cream cones on the dogs birthdays. 


  1. Andy and Jo are so cute! I hope I can meet them someday. John seems like a great trainer, and I love that he uses POSITIVE methods!

  2. aw! that's awesome! i love that you spent the time to train your dogs even though they are small -soooo many small dog owners never do. and he seems like a great trainer. i miss the dog trainer i had in cincinnati a lot. a good trainer makes all the difference.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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