Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I Wore: Grandma Skirt

Shoes, Necklace & Top: Target, Skirt & Braclets: Thrifted

Excuse the blurry photos.  It was 100 degrees out when these were taken and I was squriming to get back inside to the air conditioning. 

I picked up this skirt during my last thrifting trip.  I think I paid $2 for it!  It has pockets, a cute little detail in the front and hot pink! Im in love!  My girlfriend called it my "grandma" skirt because of the elastic waistband!  I informed her it just allowed a bigger lunch! :) The shoes werent an exact fit it, the outfit would of looked more put together with my nude pumps.  It was just too hot for closed toe shoes!

Stay tuned next week while I have 5 faboulous ladies taking over for me while I'm on vacation!

Have a wonderful week! I'll be back on July 9th!
In the mean time stay up to date with me via:
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  1. You look great in that color! Elastic waistbands on high skirts are really the only way to go...way more comfy! :-)

  2. I think you could easily rename this "the bigger lunch skirt" :)

  3. You make elastic waistbands look good. Very Parisian!

  4. this skirt is so cute and the length is great! i love it with the striped tee.

  5. adorable!! love that color pink!! xoxo linds {{}}

  6. I love the skirt on you!! The color and length are perfect!


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