Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I Wore: Coral and Denim

Shoes: Target, Dress: Gap via 330 Swap,  Jacket, Bracelets and Pin: Thrifted, Purse: The Limited, Earrings: c/o Poor Sparrow

This is what I wore on date night over the weekend.  E and I went to a restaurant on the river down the street from his house.  Unfortunately the wait for a table on the water was much longer so we ate inside and then went out on the patio afterwards. 
Do you see the wrinkles too?   Trust me that I did iron this dress but I'm just not that good at ironing. I usually just throw my wrinkled clothes in the dryer with a damp washcloth.  So actually pulling out the iron was a major improvement. 

Ill be back tomorrow with a special giveaway! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Cute dress!! I have heard "I hate to iron!" or "I'm just not good at ironing" from so many people lately. I've thought about putting a tutorial about ironing on my blog...

  2. such an adorable dress! so cute and very flattering on you. i love that jacket as well

    i only hate to iron because i have one of those mini ironing boards that are like 2 inches off the floor and i have to like sit on the's a mess anyhow!


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