Tuesday, June 12, 2012

took the plunge

On Monday after work I took the plunge after contemplating purchasing an iPhone for a few months.  I choose the white iPhone 4s and have been having too much fun getting to know all of the perks of my very first smart phone.  I'm on instagram @free2bestacialee,  can anyone share how to add a instagram button on my sidebar?

Also please suggest away on any apps you think would be helpful! 


  1. yay! welcome to the dark side, haha :)

  2. You'll love it! I've had my iPhone for three years (it's a 3GS). I was allowed to upgrade last June, but I opted to stay with the phone I had. I'm going to get the iPhone 5 when it comes out as a treat for holding on to the same phone for three years!!

  3. You can sign up for an instagrid account (instagrid.me) and then make a button for that page on your sidebar! :)


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