Saturday, May 26, 2012

The You Are Project

I mentioned something a few weeks ago about me writing a guest post for an online Christian magazine that contacted me last month and asked me to write a guest post.  I was thrilled for the opportunity and of course said yes.  I choose the subject of self image.  Its something that all women deal with at one time or another. Lauren who I have had contact with has been a complete joy, very kind & helpful.  I submitted my post last Sunday and it went live yesterday!  So exciting!  Whats even more exciting is that I will now be the monthly fashion contributor!  What a blessing! 

The You Are Project helps women discover their identity in Christ.  They are all about restoring relationships between women that have been damaged by gossip and jealousy.  There is even a You Are Challenge where you sign a pledge.  You can find the details here.  They are also on facebook and twitter.  So go check them out and while you are there you can read my guest post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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