Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspiration from Pinterest

Feeling inspired yet?  There are so many cute outfits on Pinterest.  I'm going to try the top picture first.  I have both pieces to work with and just need to add my pearls and a pop of color to complete the outfit!  Are you on Pinterest?  Some pins on there drive me nuts but for the most part I enjoy it!  Ill be back tomorrow with a Vlog post on my May Birchbox. 


  1. Pinterest is such a great place to find inspiration. I always scroll through when I am questioning what to wear in the morning. Love both the third and fourth outfits - the colors are lovely!


  2. Great inspirations :)

    I invite you to

  3. My friend just wore an outfit with red pants and a pink top and I loved it. So bright and different.

    Cute redesgin!


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