Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

This week has been all sorts of crazy busy!  From working on the Blogger meet up details to my  professional photo session yesterday & getting ready for the 330 Swap & Shop I have failed to create any real content.  But here's the thing sometimes the lack of content urges me to be come more creative.  So here it is, today I unofficially will start the Wednesday Randomness series that may or may not last more than one week.

To start this off real good lets talk celebs.  If someone asked me if you had a chance to have a date with any 5 celebs who would it be?  The answer has been the same for many years & I can answer it in 30 seconds.  Now before I list off my dream celeb hunks lets start a few ground rules.  You can not judge me at all, if you read this you must share at least 1 celeb dream boat in the comments & I promise not to judge you (maybe).

5. Dane Cook

Hes tall, skinny, super funny & over confident.  Yep hes a hunk.

4. Adam Levine

Hes flirty, has a great smile & that voice. Yes yes he is  #4.

3. Pharrell

This boy can dance, he can get me in to any good concert & his style is perfect.

2.  Justin Timberlake

Do I really need to add anything here?  He is charming, sings, dances & is so stinking handsome.

1.  John Mayer

I know he would break my heart like every other girl.  But cant a girl dream?  He could sing his songs to me as I eat grapes & dream up our one day wedding.  We would have beautiful kids. 

So there it is!  Any ideas for next weeks randomness?  Any questions you are dying me to answer! Please tell!

Make sure to check out the Blogger Meet Up Blog for this weeks sponsor post! Happy Wednesday!


  1. You just made my day, doll.


  2. JM is totally my #1 too. I'm convinced that we are going to meet and he will serenade me for the rest of my life. *sigh*.

  3. I'm all about Jon Hamm. And Ryan Gosling. And John Krasinski. And a little bit of Alec Baldwin, but I'm more in love with his voice than anything else.

  4. My dream man is totally Justin him....gorgeous!
    Natalie H.


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