Thursday, April 19, 2012

delivering twins...

Congrats are in order to me.   Yep that's right I just delivered twins.  You didn't know I was pregnant?  Me either.  But yes one boy one girl.  olive&otis.  

Just kidding I didn't actually give birth to twins.  I changed my etsy shop name from stacialeescloset to olive&otis.  Why you ask?  For a few reasons. 

- I have a dream of opening up a shop one day.  Lets be real stacialeescloset sounds like a 13 year olds pretend shop (totally talking about my 7th grade pretend shop, yes I was a late bloomer).  But olive&otis is a great name for a real live not pretend shop. 

- Many don't know how to say my name correctly.  I don't want to lose word of mouth references for the sheer fact that someone cant spell or say my name.

- Olive and Otis are the names of my one day children.  Yes you read that write.

My shop will be at the 330 swap & shop next month.  My first real live interaction with what I hope will be customers.  I knew that now is the time to change names.  I emailed my sister a couple weeks ago to see if she was up for a design change.  She is a design super star wonder woman.  She was totally on board and is currently working on stickers, business cards & other items for my shop.  She emailed me the banner today that is above.  I love it.  Just love it. 

Make sure to come back next week for a olive&otis giveaway.  And please don't feel like you need to send me flowers to the "hospital".


  1. I love this and you're right, none of us know how to say your how do you say it?!

    Excited to meet you and see your lovely shop.

  2. Good brand move! It's better to change your name earlier. Also this name is SUPER cute and I really dig the font and colors you used.

    Can't wait to hear how do you at the sale!

    Also, yes, how DO you pronounce your name?! I always said "Stac-E-a" in my head.


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