Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sponsor FTBSL in April

Hello!  I have updated my sponsorship tab!  I'm accepting sponsorship for April and have 3 of the 5 spots available for April.  The cost is affordable and the perks are endless!  Please contact me with any questions! 
Info about Stacia & FTBSL
A combined facebook, GFC, twitter & pinterest followers  = 600+
4 + blog posts per week
Blogging since March 2011

Info on sponsoring FTBSL
5 spaces per month available
 5 spaces rotate weekly
Sponsors are always listed first on side bar
Sponsorship includes one giveaway per month
 Sponsors will be mentioned on twitter & facebook during the month
Button size 250x100 pixels
Cost for 1 month is $15 paid via paypal

If you feel that your shop, blog or product would benefit from sponsoring FTBSL please contact Stacia with the subject line sponsorship.  Stacia will consider cross advertising & swapping blog sponsorship.  Stacia will not review a product without being provided a sample of the product.  Any gift received and worn on the blog with appear with a c/o and the link to your website. 

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  1. YOU'RE SO CUTE! your blog is so cool. Wanna follow each other? xo


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