Friday, March 16, 2012

Moms Closet Intervention

My Moms group of friends from  her bible study were having a clothing swap and she needed to bring 5 items of clothing to swap!  She also needed some help putting together outfits, my favorite thing to do!  She asked for my help and I was happy to! 

Her sassy thrifted cowgirl boots

I put together a few outfits with the new boots.  I thought the striped top tucked in to the jean skirt was super cute.

She said she usually wears a neutral top with this skirt.  I had her try on the orange top and it gave that skirt a pop of color that turned out great!

This top was a hand me down that needed some assistance.  I paired it with this thrifted belt and ivory dress pants and it looked amazing!

This dress needed some assistance.  She showed me this short sleeve white button down that she bought on clearance for $2 and hadn't found anything to wear it with.  Underneath the dress is a great added bonus.

Yep those are skinny jeans.  Women 40+ you can pull off skinny jean! Mom picked up this button down  Express shirt dress from savers.  I had her pair it with the skinnys, black tank and adorable black flats so trendy but classic!

She ended up having about 8 items to swap.  A few pairs of shoes and some clothing items.  It was fun to spend some time with her and help her update her closet without making any purchases!  Remember you can shop your own closet!  


  1. Your mom is way too cute! She looks like she is our age!

  2. Your mom looks super cute in the outfits you styled for her!


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