Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Henry Ford Museum & John Simmons BB show

My father is a professional bodybuilder and was guest posing last week at a bodybuilding show in Dearborn Michigan.  We decided to make a day trip out of it and went to the Henry Ford Museum before the show.  Have you been there before?  We were shocked on the diversity of items that are there!  Much more than just Ford cars!

kitchen early 1930's

The chair in which President Abraham Lincoln sat when
John Wilkes Booth shot him.

The Kennedy car

Could not imagine being a woman during those times!

A beautiful vintage townhouse doll house

The Rosa Parks bus

Large Vintage McDonald's sign

A VW Camper!

The machine where we purchased my Ab Lincoln plastic head

If only I could time travel to the 30's-70's that would be amazing

Vintage bra & makeup


My Dad & I after he guest posed.  Ill spare you those photos!

If you haven't been to the Henry Ford Museum I highly suggest it!  The price is affordable & there is plenty to do!  Starting this week a Titanic exhibit will be there until September!


  1. How awesome! Abe Lincoln Head?! I'm so jealous!!! How cool that you got to walk through the Rosa Parks bus!!

    I would have been a terrible terrible woman in those times! hahaha

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