Friday, March 23, 2012

are you a Joan, Betty or Peggy?

Betty, Peggy & Joan
 With the return of Mad Men this Sunday I thought you might want to dream of being either a Peggy, Betty or Joan.  I personally feel like I'm a mix between Peggy & Betty.  You can tell me which one you are by "voting" on the side bar!





So what do you think?  All of these great items are from Etsy!  You can view the entire treasury list here!  Ill be on twitter Sunday starting at 9pm for up to date twitter posts for the 2 hour premiere! Cant wait!!!


  1. My husband is going out of the country for 2 weeks starting Saturday, so he'll miss the premier. I'm going to try not to watch it without him...not sure if I can wait that long, though!

  2. I've never watch the show! Can you believe that? I just got cable about two weeks ago for the first time in years. :) I feel like I should watch, but maybe I'll just wait until after school is finished next spring.

    I'd LOVE to dress like Betty. That dress is gorgeous!!


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