Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wear it Wednesday

Hello lovelies & happy weekend!  This coming Wednesday I'm hosting Wear it Wednesday when you email me your photos showing how to wear a clutch and I post about it here on my blog!!

You can find more information about Wear it Wednesday on Rachels blog & make sure to email me those photos!!

Ill be back Monday with inspiration on how to wear a clutch!


P.S - Im sorry to report that my co workers werent as excited about spirit week as I was.  So I gave up mid week.  No photos to share.  Im happy to dress up like a nerd for the heck of it if you would like.


  1. I wish I owned a clutch! I would totally join in.

  2. I just sewed my first clutch last month. Guess I'll have to wear it/use it tomorrow so I can send you a picture! yay!! :)


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