Tuesday, January 17, 2012

styling that $9 skirt

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about that steal of a skirt from The Limited?!!  I picked it up for $9 and I have some photos to share with you! It was really really bright out this day so the photos are black & white.

Skirt: The Limited, Tights: JcPenny, Shoes & Tank: Target, Sweater: NY&C
The tank is black with silver stripes and the black sweater has silver buttons that made a perfect pair with the beautiful blue skirt!  Isn't the background beautiful?  I was too chicken to actually go walk on the dock with my 4 inch heels but maybe next time! I hope you have a happy Tuesday!


  1. What a find! Wish I had that much luck when shopping!!

  2. Thanks ladies! :)

    Viktoria we need to go shopping together we can do online shopping :)


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