Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pins that inspire & $ talk

Learning how to stay in my budget for personal $ and not buy things just because I like them has taken self control and usually I need a buddy to tell me its not in the budget.  One of the ways I stay out of trouble is pinterest.  I can just take my laptop into my office and put together outfits with the help of my pins.  When you are at the store you feel like you need everything, but in reality you can mix pieces together.  Usually my wish list is small and manageable when I have funds for clothing set aside. So here are a few of my newest and favorite pins.

(minus the skelton head)

These pins scream to me that I'm craving a neutral palette with a hint of color.  I have bold sweaters and plenty of striped shirts in my closet so its time to recreate into my own style and mix up my closet.

   While I was going over my budget and action plan today for 2012 I discussed dropping the clothing amount out of the budget for the next 4 months until my medical debt is paid off. I could use that $ to add to my medical payments and get those paid off sooner. Then I started thinking maybe I will complete that 30for30 goal during the next four months.  It would be a interesting way to keep things fresh, keep me on target & get me through these awful Ohio winter months.

What do you think? Can I spend $0 on clothing for 4 months? Or maybe just have a budget for thrifted finds, $10 a month second hand would provide fresh things to my closet and would help the budget.  All I know is I am becoming a major $ GEEK.  I need your input!

(As always you can find me here on pinterest & see who all of these lovely pins came from)


  1. those outfits look as if you put them together : ) I say $10 a month for refreshing!

  2. I agree...$10 to refresh your wardrobe during the next 4 months would get you to spring/summer and those would be more fun to buy :)
    What's the 30for30 goal that you referenced above?

  3. I like the $10 a month to refresh your wardrobe. You will feel GOOD knowing you paid down your debt sooner!

  4. Thanks for your help ladies! I figured the extra $ will get my medical debt paid off a month sooner!

    @Lisa its taking 30 items from your closet and making 30 outfits. If you click on that 30for30 on the post it will take you to the info page! :)

  5. I think it's totally doable. What I do when I'm trying to save money is, I stay away from stores. If I do go into stores, I leave my wallet in the car or only take a small portion of cash in. Have someone else help you pick out your outfits so they seem fresh. I also use Pinterest to help me remember what I have and I think the 30x30 is a perfect way to stay fresh, but ultimately stay away from stores and lock up your money when you do! Good luck.


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