Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my nye outfit

New Years Eve was pretty calm and relaxed. I saw this movie (it was great), celebrated this girls birthday & watched this guy on TV until I fell asleep at 11:45.  It was perfect. I wore something warm and cozy with some sass.

When: December 31 2011
Sweater: Gap, Jeans: TJ Maxx, Boots & socks: Target, Bracelets: F21 and vintage
(excuse the cell phone photos)

This sweater sparkles and has zippers on the shoulders. And I snagged it for 60% off at Gap last week.  I asked for warm knee high socks for Christmas and my Mom did a good job with these oatmeal knee highs and another pair in black.  I hope you had a wonderful and safe New Years! I know really great things are going to happen this year!
Stacia Lee


  1. So cute, Stacia! And happy new year to you too! :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Poco and seeing me on my birthday! Love you, sweetie!

  3. love your hair too...very pretty,soft and feminine

  4. @lady lee you can borrow it!

    @ Thanks Cindy :)

    @MaryAnn you are very welcome! Love you too!

    @Mom thank you! Its the 5th day from washing look :)


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