Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my mama

Today is my Mamas 50th birthday.  Looking at her you would think shes 30 which is a win win for me.  People often think that the two of us & lady lee are sisters. Not so my friends shes our Mom.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart & loving Mama!  You truly are a blessing from God. 
I hope your 50th year is your best yet.  I also hope that when I'm 50 I look half as good as you.

me, mom, lady lee & drew jones.


  1. Happy Birthday to your momma! She must be one incredible lady to have daughters as lovely as you and Candis!

  2. Your momma looks FABULOUS... just celebrating 2 of my dear friends' 50th's this week, and it is creeping up on me in the next few years. Hope I can wear it as well as your mother!Orangies Attic

  3. What a gorgeous family! I love birthdays!!

  4. Wow seriously, your mom is gorgeous! Happy birthday to her!

    Hope you're all having a great week!

  5. Happy birthday to your Mom! You look just like her!!

  6. Wow! Your mom does look amazing. My mom has a more youthful look to so it definitely makes me hopeful for my future. Happy Birthday to your mom!


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