Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swig & Paul Fritsch

You probably have noticed that I love supporting local.  Swig is one of my favorite local restaurants.  If you are from Columbus its very similar to Dirty Franks. Swig makes all of their brats & dogs fresh daily in the restaurant.  They have local musicians come and perform and the food & root beer on tap is amazing.  I always order the Memphis dog with french fries.  The Memphis has BBQ pork and pickled onions and it is yummy.  My girlfriend Laura, her husband sings there often and I love listening to him sing! You can check out his website here! My friend Kelsey and I decided to meet up with Laura last week for dinner.

Scarf: Gap Outlet, Top, Jeans & Leg warmers: TJ Maxx, Boots:Target, Bracelets: Thrifted

Have a great Tuesday!  

Stacia Lee


  1. Thanks Stacia for the beautiful post! It means a lot to both Paul and I! We love having you there!

  2. I just realized that you were from Rossford! I grew up in Toledo and I love Swig! In fact, I was just in Perrysburg to get my engagement pics taken at Thanksgiving! How cool. And thanks for the email :)


  3. I would stop by when I was super hungry! I love local hangouts with great food. Sounds like a fun time and you look adorable as always.

  4. You are welcome Laura! I love you both!

    @ Sarah its such a small world! If you come back to town soon we should have a meet up!

    @ Ducky I know what you mean about local hangouts! Come visit Jayme & I we can take you there! :)


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