Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my list for Santa

Santa baby you may be wondering what I'm wishing for this Christmas.  I didn't send you a list this year, I fear I may be too old.  But just in case you are wondering here is what I'm wishing for.

santas list

a sassy top
what I wore by Jessica Quirk
cashmere socks
mustard cardigan
food processor
lemon zester
vegetable brush
a new shower head

Stacia Lee


  1. My Dear! You are NEVER too old to submit a wish list for Santa

  2. Great list!!

    Last year, I asked Santa for snow on Christmas. Just once I wanted to see white stuff on the ground for the holiday. (I live in Atlanta, Georgia.) And you know what? It snowed! First Christmas snow fall ATL has had in almost 250 years!!

  3. @Ducky I was waiting for someone to tell me that!

    @Viktoria that is awesome! Im in Ohio so we always have snow on Christmas. :)


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