Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my favorite outfits march-july 2011

Hello! Hope you are having a joyful Wednesday! Today I will be highlighting my favorite outfits from March through July.  One photo per month and a quick bit of information.  :)

I was going through a stage of wearing bows.  That stage is currently over and the bows are dusty.  I remember my first few outfit photos standing in front of my closet, wondering if I will ever make it to outside photo shoots. And yes that is toothpaste on my shirt.

Candis told me to close the closet doors. I listened. The photos improved. The bow appears again. Cute outfit, cheap outfit but I think different shoes would be better.

I over wore those shoes. But they lasted me all summer and were $20. Love that skirt. Thrifted & updated and I wore it at least twice a week. I may need to pull it out now and wear with my cognac boots.

Simple and hippie chick.  I was still hiding in front of that closet 90% of the time.

I started taking my own photos outside with my trusty tripod. The problem? You can see the tripods shadow.  That top was one of my favorite summer shirts. I remember this day very clearly. I was filling in at one of my works locations and checking in patients at the front desk. A Mom in her early 40's and I started talking, she was so encouraging and I was so thankful for her words.

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane.  I promise the photos get better. I have learned so many things in the process. Ill just share a few.

1. Take your photos outside whenever you can. Take off your winter coat in 20 degree weather and show off that outfit.  Personally for me inside outfit photos don't do the clothing justice and are boring.

2. Just because something is the new fad, doesn't mean its meant for everyone. Remember at the end of the day you have to be content with yourself and live in your own skin.

3. Don't wear clothes that you normally wouldn't wear in every day situations. I thought that I had to wear something unique or with so many accessories to stand out or be different. I promise its not needed.

Ill be back tomorrow for August-December. Then on Friday a 2012 personal and blog/business goal post.
Enjoy your evening,
Stacia Lee


  1. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane! I can't pick a favorite but I do love that teal skirt!

  2. I love that dress from June! It is so pretty.


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