Thursday, December 29, 2011

my favorite outfits august-december 2011.

I'm back with August-December 2011!  I have to say it was much easier choosing these photos then the last set.  These all seem more like me, are all taken outside & the photos have improved!

Taken after church at an abandoned building off the highway.  It was thrilling to be at some random building setting up my tripod all by myself and taking outfit photos in front of this beautiful building. I have to say I had some fears of a weirdo seeing me and stopping. Those shoes return again for the last time and I wore that famous blue skirt with a F21 dress tucked in to it. Love this outfit.

This photo shoot is my favorite of the entire year. Thanks to Abby. I remember having a bit of blogger bumming going on. I felt stale and then I received an email invite to the Limited grand opening. I was alive again. When I look at these photos I see real beauty and I think its a very classic outfit

My new do and more tripod usage. I was blonde blonde for so long the change seemed so drastic. I love it still and I feel more mature. I remember putting on these beat up boots and hoping that my Etsy shop would allow some room in my budget for personal $. Thankfully that has happened.

More photos by Abby, these in her backyard.  I remember not being able to breathe in this skirt. It was so adorable and I wanted to keep it, but thankfully it sold! Those are my new boots which replaced the ones in the last photo. Thanks to my dear friend Amanda.

Oh how I love this outfit. Comfy and adorable. In the past I wouldn't of posted an outfit like this, but I have learned to share even the most average outfits. This was one of the most popular posts of the year!

Wow this year flew by. I'm so thankful I have a wonderful family who supported me starting this blog and commented on every post when I first started.  This blog has definitely increased my self image, my confidence & has allowed me to meet awesome people. I'm going to share my last few tidbits of information that may be helpful to you. Learned lessons that have helped me along the way.

1. Don't worry about how many "followers" you have.  I know it can be addicting, but you will have loyal readers who enjoy your content.  In the end I would rather slowly gain "success" then be an instant famous blogger. Anything worth keeping takes time. True success doesn't happen overnight.

2. If you need to take a break, inform your readers. There was a good stretch of the summer where I didn't feel like posting, due to lack of inspiration. I didn't say anything with the fear of failure and it took awhile to make it known that I was back to regular posting.

3. Don't beg for followers on facebook, twitter, pinterest and GFC.  Its gets so annoying when you follow someone on twitter then they personal message you to follow them on facebook.  Readers follow you because they enjoy your content, meaning if they want to folow you they will.

Tomorrow it will all about 2012 goals!
Stacia Lee


  1. I love your lessons and your outfit picks! :) Happy New Year!!

  2. I love that green v-neck sweater! I'm a sucker for those simple basics that you can dress up, down - whatever! And that color is gorgeous.

    Also, kudos for the three points at the end. It's so much better to just ENJOY what you're doing and if other people enjoy it too? All the better! Just be you and all is well :)

  3. September! classic beauty : )

  4. october is my favorite stacia!!!! you always dress so pretty. you have your own style that fits you perfectly. being ourselves is what we're best at and DON'T YOU EVER CHANGE! love you bunches!!!! 2012 it's all about growth and being better!
    p.s. still gotta get you in MY closet...I'M SURE YOU'LL HAVE A LOT TO GO OVER! I CAN'T WAIT! i'll make ya dinner

  5. The first two outfits are wonderful! You're inspiring. I need to take style tips from you.


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