Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fashionable Friend: Blair Part 2

Part 2

Since I am at a Christian college we are more conservative in our dress, yet you better believe we still love leggings and tights, we just wear them better.. Haha okay maybe not, but we think so. Girls here like to wear leggings with skirts, dresses, some of the bolder girls will wear tights with shorts. This is the perfect solution for cold walks, it keeps your legs warm for the walk to class and you get to wear your favorite skirt or dress with comfort.

Something that is on the rise at HU is frumpy grandpa sweaters. This seems like a loose definition, yet it's accurate really. It is an over sized sweater that only your grandfather would like and pair that with a simple floppy hat and you've got a cute outfit. It also doesn't hurt that you can thrift these, nothing else beats clothes for 2 dollars!

The floppy hat is also something that as it gets colder you see all the time! They are everywhere. They are really cute and keep your ears warm. Not to mention you can crochet it yourself, or like I do ask your grandma to make you one!

So now you have it. College kids aren't really that fashionable we just wear what's convenient and comfortable while trying to stay sassy. Sometimes it works and other times not so much. But as I mentioned before if you look at people from a state school their wardrobe will look a lot different. Probably a lot more sequence, cleavage, and skin. But it's been my pleasure to share with you and a lot of fun, but it's almost finals week so I need to study! Thanks for reading!

Thanks again to Blair for this great 2 part series on college fashion trends! Make sure to come back tomorrow for a post on a special giveaway from 3 wise women Jayme, Ducky & myself! Its full of great things and you are going to love it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Stacia Lee

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