Monday, December 12, 2011

big style tiny apartment: office

Lets move on to my office shall we? This is actually the master bedroom that I decided to make the office instead. Why you ask? Because it has a slider door and balcony, not my ideal choice to sleep in every night. So because my bedroom is so small you will see my dresser in this room and I use it for storage as well.
(excuse the poor evening lighting)

The desk and chair are both thrifted for a total price of $20. That is a vintage tablecloth on the desk.

My shoe rack, vintage stool and dresser. Behind that curtain is storage space.

Ikea bookcase full of books, magazines, trinkets and jewelry.

I used clipboards and a old picture frame for the back wall so I can continually change out the photos to make it new. You may remember the look of this room from my dressing room post 6 months back.  Ill probably do a update closet post for fall/winter! The final post of big style tiny apartment will be next Monday ending it with a bathroom post. Unless one of you would like to share your home on FTBSL?!

Enjoy your Monday,
Stacia Lee


  1. the clipboard idea is great! i'd love to do this in my kitchen and clip up my favorite recipes. thanks for the inspiration!

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