Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goals

So I'm sure you have your own list started on paper or just on your mind.  I start thinking about the New Year in October. Call me crazy but I'm a huge planner and I think years ahead.  I know God is in control and I just need to let go. But its good to have goals to keep yourself on track and pleased when next year this time comes around again.  So I'm going to share with you both personal & blog/business goals.

Pay off medical debt $1266.77
I'm currently paying $300 monthly on medical debt and I'm looking forward to paying it all off and snowballing my debt. Once medical is payed off I will put that extra $300 monthly onto my student loan. Once student loan is payed off I will be completely debt free!

Read my Bible daily
This has always been hard for me. Not because I don't have the time or don't like reading. Its just me being lazy. I could sit on the couch and read a magazine or browse through blogs but open my bible that's another story. I need to focus more of my time on His word.

Workout at least once a week
I grew up in a gym. I hate going to gyms. My Dad owns a gym.  I seriously work out twice a year. Thankfully I was blessed with great genes. But I still need to take care of myself. I'm going to start with once a week. Maybe Ill push it two later on.

Have 3 month emergency fund saved
Dave Ramsey talks about how emergencies don't seem much of an emergency if there is a fund to cover them.  I hope to have 3 months of living expenses saved by the end of this year.

Be a blessing to others
I serve at church. Now I would like to also get involved in a few organizations that need people who are willing to serve.  I have a couple in mind already and hope to get involved soon.


Attend a blogger meet up
I would love to attend Texas Style Council in March. I would also love to meet Ohio & Michigan bloggers.

Grow Etsy shop
Ideally I would like to add at least 1 new item to my shop weekly. And in return sell at least 1 item weekly.  My etsy shop is a great way for me to earn extra $ & have fun while doing it. So I hope to set aside more time to grow stacialeescloset. 

Keep on schedule
I like to be organized. My goal is to post on ftbsl at least 4 times a week. The last few months I have exceeded that, but I don't want to get burned out.  I would like to make sure I'm posting 2 outfits per week and maybe start a new series for 2012.

Kendi started it, I would like to accomplish it! 30for30 consists of taking 30 items in your closet and make 30 outfits.  Its a great way to be content with what you have & recreate new outfits with the same pieces.

Personal Shopping/Sponsorship
I would like to increase my personal shopping clientele & also hope to have FTBSL sponsored by individuals and/or businesses in 2012.

So there it is! It feels good to have it published and for all of you to know what I'm hoping for! I hope you have a happy and safe NYE. I would love hear your goals for 2012! Stacia Lee


  1. wow. impressive and very well thought well as inspiring. You've encouraged me to put my own list down in black and white. Sort of a 2012 "to do list" ; ) proud of you for the committment and sacrifice you've put forth to be debt free!

  2. great goals! My 2012 are very similar to yours (bible, gym, blog sponsorship, etc). Good luck and I hope you have a fabulous new years!!

  3. I've never been big on resolutions (making them, keeping them... the works, haha) but this year I made a goal similar to yours: read my Bible more. Now that I have finally found a church I can call home, I know that I need to further my growth in His word.

    Thanks for sharing Stacia, have a wonderful New Year!

  4. I've always wanted to do the 30x30! Is Kendi doing it by season still or randomly? If she's doing it randomly, I'd love to do it during the same month as you. Otherwise I'd probably cave. As for meeting bloggers in Ohio...that's totally gonna happen! I hope you reach all your other blog and personal goals.


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