Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Need some help in the fashion department? I can help! Go check out Duckys blog for a chance to win a personal shopping experience with me! Don't worry I will be doing my own little giveaway for FTBSL including personal shopping in December. So you have plenty of chances!

And I promise I wont dress you like this:

Stacia Lee


  1. Oh wow... those are...uh...kind of scary! Haaaa! AND I'm wearing my boots today **happy claps** AND I was able to take one of your outfit ideas and piece together another outfit with a similiar style. You have given me a foundation for which I am eternally grateful! (at least when it comes to pairing with the boots *grin* the rest of the time I'm still in sad shape)

  2. Thanks so much Ducky! Im so glad that you are enjoying it!

    And yes these are awful. Google images provide some great photos :)


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