Monday, November 28, 2011


I have had a list of wants saved as Microsoft word document on my desktop for a few months. I thought I would share with you the list and the inspiration.

Mustard Cardigan
Cognac riding boots
Skinny jeans  (purchased last weekend)
Solid scarf in a pink color
Gold chunky watch
Cape or Poncho
Fitted pull over grey hoodie  (purchased last weekend)
Nerd fake glasses

You can view all of my pins and sources on pinterest & if you are in need of a invite please comment on this post with your email and I will send you an invite!

If I happen to get Christmas $ this year I would definitely invest it into a pair of riding boots and a mustard sweater.  Its nice having a list of wants and understanding that they are just that. So many times I have confused my wants and needs and understanding the difference has made my life so much easier.  I have learned my needs are a warm home, gas and food. Wants are just items that are icing on top of the cake if allowed in the budget. :)

I hope you had a great weekend and the home series will resume next week!
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Stacia Lee


  1. old navy has a cute mustard cardigan right now for when the budget allows. :)

    I got some nerd glasses that are for reals. haha

  2. Hi, I'd like to invite you to post your giveaways on our giveaway directory: Giveaway Scout ( Please submit your blog here: Once you receive our confirmation email you can post your giveaways on our site. Thanks.

  3. LOVE the wants...I want black riding boots and I (teehee I almost typed need lol) I WANT another pair of skinny jeans so I can get more use out of my brown boots!

  4. I love pinterest! And Target has some pretty (and super soft) mustard sweaters right now too at a reasonable price!

  5. @ladylee I love your nerd glasses. you look so cute.

    @josh Ill have to check it out

    @ducky you should try tjmaxx for skinny jeans. I picked up my pair last weekend on the clearance rack. brand is jolt and they were $15.

    @lauren Ill have to check out Target! Thanks!


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