Thursday, November 17, 2011

short days

I'm not use to the short days yet.  It seems like by the time I get home from work its dark outside.  As soon as the sun goes down all I want to do is put my pajamas on and stay home.  Since this is my first fall/winter blogging I was shocked the first few days since time change when I went to take my photos after work and there is just a tiny bit of sun left. 

When: Tuesday November 8th 2011
Top: TJ Maxx $6!!, Skirt: Shabby Apple, Necklace: Lucky Brand, Bracelets: Thrifted, Tights: JCPenny, Boots: Gift from Amanda (Target)

So I really should just take my outfit photos at lunch. But I prefer quiet buildings like this church with no cars in the parking lot. That way I don't have an audience of people assuming I'm really into myself.
I promise I'm not.
Ill be back tomorrow with a Friday video! Have a great day!
Stacia Lee


  1. I would prefer quiet buildings too! Great find on that tj maxx sweater!!


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