Saturday, November 26, 2011

quick hello

A quick weekend hello! Just wanted to share this adorable photo of my sister, lady lee.

Notice that cute belted watermelon skirt and brown polka dot blouse?! Yep its from my shop! I'm offering free shipping until 11.28.11 with code "blackfriday". 
Don't forget to enter the personal shopping giveaway that ends soon!
Happy weekend!
Stacia Lee


  1. yeaaaaaah...I went to anthropologie and a worker there literally walked through a crowd of black friday shoppers to tell me how cute my outfit was. I of course told her it was vintage from my sister's shop and then wrote down the name of it for her. :)

  2. This outfit is so adorable on your adorable sister! I so miss reading "lady lee"!

  3. @lady lee that is awesome!!! I need to give you some business cards!

    @jill i miss reading lady lee too! Thanks for commenting!

    @lauren isnt she?!! :)


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