Friday, November 11, 2011

i talk fast. super fast.

Friday Video
Recorded 11-09-11

Like my face? lol

Video warning there is alot of fast talking.

Key Notes:
- Personal Shopping. Great rates. Offer online and in person.  If you need help with your closet I can help as well.
- On Wednesday Ill be posting about my trip to the Clothes Mentor event.
- A few features coming up on the next few Wednesdays. A local post on a new consignment shop in Rossford. Blair College fashion scene post and Bloom Salon opening!
- Ill be joing the "it list" in December which can be found on good life
-My Etsy shop. Are you looking for a special discount or free shipping? Im looking to sell. Let me know what you would like.
- Giveaway winner announced on Snappy Casual Monday. Make sure to check it out! Contest ends today!

Have a wonderful weekend! Ill be back Monday for a special home edition of my kitchen!
Stacia Lee

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