Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to get your Bachelor and your M.R.S degree at the same time!

Part 1

So when Stacia asked me to post I was super excited! I just started blogging in September and have really enjoyed it. That's also when I got hooked on free to be stacia lee, next thing I know I'm guest posting! So exciting!

Stacia asked if I could post about college fashion so I'll be giving some of our comfortable, yet cute solutions. Now I go to a Christian school in Indiana, so we're a little conservative, not so flashy and we NEVER know what the weather will be like so weather channel is bookmarked that way we know how to dress. I'm still an amateur so my pictures aren't the best, but hey I did what I could. And the girls in them are all girls from my school that I caught on campus! With that said, here we go!

We walk everywhere so foot function is critical! Flats and boots are our best friends right now, meaning everywhere we go, we are in comfortable flat shoes. I love how functional they are. On my blog I dedicated a whole post to boots alone, so we know I could go on and on. But one of my favorite styles of flats right now are oxfords. They look so cute! Also girls here are obsessed with fur lined boots. I.E. Uggs When the snow hits the ground you can bet they will not leave college girls feet, sometime you can even catch boys wearing them. They keep your tootsies super warm and dry for your long walk to class, and they don't look too shabby with a nice sweater or cardigan. Ankle boots were super big for fall. Every girl on campus would wear them with cute vests to walk across campus, but now that it is getting a bit colder they disappear more and more. Yet they look very cute when pulled out of the closet.

Leather boots are my personal favorite right now. (I just got some on Black Friday for Christmas) They add so much to a cute outfit and are really warm and comfortable. One of my favorite things about college is that you get to look at everyone around you's style and pull ideas from them, so needless to say I have seen some super cute boots and got myself a cute pair! Also what's great about school is that you automatically double your wardrobe when you get a roommate, not to mention multiply it by like 30 when you live on an all girls floor. It rocks!

A cute coat is what matters most right now. Personally when I walk to class is when I see the most amount of people therefore the most people see my outfit when I am walking to class. (You know Pythagorean theory.) This is really unfortunate because normally my outfit will be a good one and the only people who see it are those I am in class with. Because of this I have placed my investments into cute coats and so have other girls. By having an out of the box coat people automatically think you look cute. Then when your walking to class you don't feel like everyone is missing out on how much of a fashionista you are.

Another favorite is a headband. These are one of my favorite accessories. That way if I don't feel like I have all the time in the world I can do my hair simple and still make it look good quickly. Big, small, flower, or feather it doesn't matter, they rock!

I like to pair a headband with a cute scarf which is huge everywhere right now, not only cause it is getting cold, but because they are super cute. These are great for if you have early class and want to look cute without getting up with the roosters. I like to pair a patterned scarf with a plain v-neck or button down. Really you can't go wrong with a scarf, but honestly you can't.

Thanks so much to Blair for taking the time out of her busy school schedule to put together this 2 part post! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! Its been forever since I have been on a college campus so I needed a refresher myself! She will be back soon to finish the second half!  By the way that's her in the last picture isn't she cute?! Have a wonderful Thursday and Ill be back tomorrow!
Stacia Lee

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  1. Great post Blair!! :) I always try to wear headbands and then get headaches because they pinch my head! I know, debbie downer right? But they look so cute on everyone else!

    Love the last photo of you! Cute!


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