Monday, November 28, 2011

check it.

I have been eyeing up these boots for a few weeks.

Then I went back to the stores website today and saw that they are $20 off and free shipping.


So here are my new cognac leather boots and they will be arriving in a week or so.

So I may eat mac & cheese with hot dogs for a few meals, but hey isnt it worth it?!! I say yes. So lets mark this one off my list!!

Ill be back tomorrow with a special what to wear holiday edition! Thanks to Anna's suggeston!

Stacia Lee


  1. Yes! I would totally eat mac and cheese with hot dogs if I could get those boots!

  2. Those boots are very versatile and will probably last you a long time, so yes, totally worth it. I took advantage of The Limited's cyber Monday sale (50% off full price items with free shipping) to buy a much needed suit for the job interviews that will (hopefully) be happening in my near future. I guess I'll just call it my Christmas present to myself :)

    Super excited to see what kinds of holiday outfits you come up with!

  3. ummm...totally worth it. love em. great deal too!!!

  4. They are from Target! On sale for $50. Which I thought was a steal. I read all of the reviews and they say they run small in the calf which is what I need with my legs.

    I will enjoy the mac and cheese with hot dogs while happily wearing these boots!

    @anna I was so tempted to use that 50% off cyber sale for The Limited but had to resist. Good luck on the job hunt!

  5. wow i've been looking for the perfect brown boots and i think you've found them. loving these!

    p.s. just found your blog and i'm loving it!

  6. awesome! Im glad you are enjoying my blog! :)


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