Monday, November 7, 2011

big style tiny apartment: living room

Main view.
Couch: Thrifted and updated with couch cover
Side tables: Target $20 a piece (7 years old)
Lamp: hand me down
Small green vase (next to lamp): thrifted with my bouquet from lady lees wedding
Globe: Thrifted
Throw: Gift from my Mom
Polka dot pillows: Ikea
Ivory pillows: hand me down
2 coffee tables: Ikea $8 a piece!!
White circle tray: Meijer on clearance $5
Blue basket under side table holds dog toys.
Mirror (left): Home Depot
Window box: Thrifted
Mirror (right): hand me down (vintage)
Plate above mirror: gift from my Dad
Curtains: Ikea
Rug: gift from my Mom
Meet Anderson and Josephina looking for doggie fame


Rust Chair: Value City furniture
Vintage Mirror: gift from my Mom

Side table: hand me down
Chair: My employer was remodeling and were giving the set away. I took this one!
Framed art: hand me down
Pillow: hand me down

From top left to right
Autograph book, ceramic bird
Vintage powder tin, vintage Eiffel tower, salt shaker Eiffel tower
you and me glasses, vintage music box (will be on my one day wedding cake)

TV Stand: Ikea
Boxes: Ikea

To start off with this series I would like to give you some backround information. I currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment that is very inexpensive and very temporary.  I'm thankful that I can live in such an affordable place that allows me to save more money and pay off more debt.  With that being said this is not my first choice to live its a personal sacrifice.  90% of my neighbors live life from their apartment. They do not work, drive or leave. Majority of them are smokers as well. As a former smoker its very irritating to my nose to come home to a apartment that smells like smoke.  I'm not saying these things for pity or even to complain but to make an example. I'm living here to pay off my debt live like no one else and later I can live like no one else.  And also to say you can make a home out of ANY space.  You wouldnt beleive what this apartment looked like before I moved in.

As you can tell most things are thrifted, hand me downs, very cheap or a gift.  I would say my style is vintage chic.  I have to give credit to my Mom she is an interior designer and I was raised in a home that was always being changed visually and had wonderful vintage items.  My Mom helped me with decorating and paint colors.  I put all of my DVD's in those brown boxes in the tv stand.  I really dislike when movies are displayed like artwork. Its not attractive to me at all. I keep my remotes, magazines, pens and post its in the white tray on the coffee table. The small circular item next to the tray is coasters in a holder. They are vintage and from Japan.

Let me know if you have any direct questions about any of the items. Im sure my style varies from your style.  If you would like to share any of your rooms in your home why dont you email me?! If you are selected Ill feature you on my new series!

 Next week Ill be back with the kitchen!
Stacia Lee


  1. Your place looks so cute and inviting! My husband and I are still (after an entire month) trying to make our new place in Chicago into a home. It's getting there! I just hope we manage to finish it before we decide to move again, haha.

  2. Thanks Anna! It takes time to make a new place a home. It took me a full 6 months before I felt things were coming full circle. Hope Chicago is treating you well. Love the shopping in CHicago!!

  3. Your style is very vintage chic and I really like it. I know the space is temporary but you and Mom have done a great job making it super adorable and comfy. I love the vintage globe btw! So so cute! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your series!

  4. Completely adorable. I love the vintage "collected" look, but I've never been able to achieve it.

  5. Love the new look of the living room:)

  6. Thanks Ladies! It has taken some time to get it the way I want but Im happy with the results!
    Mom did a great job helping me.

  7. love your apartment Stacia- love your blog

  8. Oh! to posses the ability to create such wonderful warm style within any space. I'm an very envious!


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