Tuesday, October 25, 2011

street walking

When: Friday September 21st 2011

What: Blazer: Target, Tank: c/o The Limited, Jeans:Old Navy, Shoes:Charming Charlies, Scarf: Gift, Gold Bracelets: Thrifted, White Bracelets: F21
I'm currently listening to Marky Mark and the funky bunch. Did anyone else have a crush on him in 6th grade? Oh boy.  Between him and Jon from NKOTB my boy crushes would be complete.  If you are asking modern day I have a list of celeb dream dates. But that's a post all to itself.
Who is your teenage celeb crush? Have a current one? Please share!
Talk soon,
Stacia Lee

P.S Abby will be back tomorrow for a special post! Make sure to come back!


  1. Adorable! I love scarves!! As we bounce back and forth between scarf weather and tank weather here I'm hoping whats blowing in at the end of the week will be ushering in some scarf temps...to stay (and I plan on pulling one out tomorrow).

    Ahhh...NKOTB...that was my very first concert! Although I am a wee bit older than you. So it was probably THEIR very first concert tour as well! HA!

  2. Hi Ducky! I dont think you are much older than me! Im 31! Did you see that I added an email subscribe to the side bar?!
    I love scarfs as well. I have 3 but always go back this blue one!

  3. Where were you for these pics Stacia?

    I don't have any teen crushes that I can recall-lol

  4. Isaac what about Debbie Gipson, Tiffany or one of the girls from saved by the bell? lol
    these pics were taken in front of packos downtown. :)

  5. Stinkin' love this outfit. For reals.


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