Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stacia carries

I'm a Vera Bradley fan and I read their blog, they have a great post that appears regularly that features a staff member and the contents of their purse.  So here goes my version.

A special peek in to my purse.....

1. My favorite vintage looking sunglasses $1 from Dollar Tree
2. Small Vera Bradley Cosmetic bag in mod floral blue
3. Day planner
4. Vintage wallet and checkbook.  I would love this check book cover.
5.  Vera Bradley let me check spiral. Really cute spiral full of pages to make check lists
6. Burt's bees lip gloss
7. Rubber bands, pens and a mini first aid kit.
8. My current bible study: Experiencing Gods Peace by Elizabeth George. Can be bought:here.

And currently my favorite every day kind of purse which I put it all in:

Why I love this purse:
It is brown, black and tan! That means more usage! Yeah!
It fits my laptop and camera bag in it!
And I purchased it at Target on sale for $20! Go get it: here. I also like these here, here & here.
Hope you enjoyed Erica's post yesterday!
Stacia Lee


  1. Man if I did that you'd find more receipts than any other item. Oh, and a bunch of pennies and loose m&ms.

  2. this is awesome. such a cute bag to put all your stuff in.

  3. Erica-the loose m&ms are a good thing. I balance my checkbook daily so I throw away the receipts daily. But I have to do a good cleaning of my purse weekly. Thanks for guest posting yesterday!

    Candis-thank you! I love this purse! love you!

  4. Great post Stacia! I am totally going to have to copy! I just shared it on OhMyVera's facebook page!

  5. Thank you Alison! Cant wait to view your post! :)


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