Monday, October 24, 2011

monday funday

Hi friends! I'm over at my friend Jayme's blog today guest posting about friendship. Jayme and I met at the Limited grand opening last month and I just adore her and her humor.   Make sure to come by and check it out!

 I wanted to share just a few of my etsy finds. Enjoy!

1. Vintage sheet music. Buy it here.

2. Vintage mustard and cream purse. Buy it here.

3. Adorable wolf art print. Buy here.

4.  White dove Christmas planter. Buy here.

5. Amore hoop art. Buy here.

I love the brotherly wolf art print. I think it is so stinking cute.
Happy Birthday to my fashionable friend Kelly! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Thanks for coming by,
Stacia Lee

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  1. you have an email subscription link somewhere that I might have missed? Would love to have your posts come right to my inbox <3 !!!


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