Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living Pinterest with Lady Lee: Style Board Edition

Hello there Stacia Lee fans. I'm Candis Lee, Stacia's younger, less fashionable sister. I write a blog called lady lee in process. I am the wife of an artist and teacher, Drew Jones, and the mother to one so-adorable-he-could-be-edible baby boy named Westley.

When my sister asked me to guest post the first thing I thought was, "Oh no, I'll have to wear something other than these sweat pants and my robe."

And probably the first thing my husband Drew Jones thought was, "Oh, thank God."

I actually do get myself dressed about 80% of the time, but that other 20% of the time noon rolls around and Westley has only taken a half hour nap and I'm just like, eh I'd rather watch him chew on his sophie and smile at me then wash my hair and put on jeans. You know how it is.

But Drew Jones and I had a babysitter and were going to spend an evening together and so I decided I'd wear something pretty and put on some eyeliner.

You  know I'm serious about looking good if I take the time to put on eye liner.

Lately I've been really inspired by things I find on Pinterest. I even started a new series on my blog called Living Pinterest where I actually take one of my many many pins and use it in real life. So I referenced my style pinboard for this particular outfit and used my sisters thrifty sensibilities to find the elements to put it together. I hope I've made her proud.

Okay, so check it, here are the pins that inspired me:

And here is the look I put together:

So I thrifted the dress & boots & ring. 
Total cost for all 3? 
I know. 

The earring are from Aldo and the navy cardigan is from Banana Republic. I bought them both a while ago though so you probably won't find them currently in stores. But don't fret, I've compiled the entire look at bargain prices because I love a good deal.

So, want to mimic the entire look for around 100 bucks (including the boots!)? 

It's been fun pretending I am a fashion blogger for a day! Now time to kick off those boots and put my sweatpants back.

Sorry Drew Jones.

Note from Stacia:
Man am I impressed with my sisters fashion post. 
May I have you back monthly for a special post?!
I hope you enjoyed this, I sure did!
Make sure to check my sisters blog if you havent already!
Hope you have a happy day!
Stacia Lee


  1. The first pic of you is oh-so-fab. And I must say- you look amazing! Way to bounce back after baby.

  2. Thanks girl, I appreciate that.

    I liked the first photo too, the wind was blowing and I was getting the hair out of my face but Drew Jones snapped the photo and totally captured my inner model.


  3. You so pretty. I love that dress. I have one just like the green version from Anthro...but they also sell a less expensive version at Shabby Apple worth a try!

    Love those earrings too.

  4. love your outfit! and those boots must have been quite the find.

  5. Agreed. You so, so pretty.

    I want that whole outfit. Thank you.

  6. Beautiful Candis... I also want the whole outfit but particularly the boots! Love!

  7. This outfit is so adorable! You did a great job Candis. I always have such a hard time putting outfits together.


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