Thursday, October 13, 2011


Its hard to believe that one year ago today I adopted my diva girl Josephina Grace.  Because Josephina was rescued (by planned pethood) from a pound (the pound caught her on some street in Fulton county) I'm unaware of  her birthday.  So I am using her adoption day as her birthday as well. 

                                                                       photo booth

Happy (vet thinks you are close to 2) 2nd birthday!
You are a little darling with lots of spunk.
Stacia Lee


  1. Shes happily chewing away on her bday bone. She would give you a kiss if she could :) to say thanks

  2. such a little diva doggie. happy bday josie. scout and rzez send you doggie kisses.

  3. doggie kisses back. josie would like to visit with scoutie and push Andy to the curb. He steals all her bones.


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