Friday, October 7, 2011

i like to talk.

I'm back with another video! 

Key Notes:
-A view of my 6 favorite vintage clutches.
-A etsy shop of vintage clothing is in the works. Scheduled to open next week.
-Living pinterest.  Make sure to link up to lady lee's blog if you have a pin you brought to life.
-Comments, comments & comments.  I LOVE your feedback!  You can comment on blog or email me at
-Personal shopping giveaway. (listen for the juicy details)
-Personal shopping specials TBA.

The dogs are trying to steal the spotlight please excuse the playing and barking in the background.  Maybe I will just give them their own guest post. Maybe. 

Happy Weekend!
Stacia Lee


  1. wow! love your video : ) and your ideas for an etsy shop and "closet intervention". I will watch for details about how to schedule one of those...I need it!

  2. great ideas stacia! love your clipboard wall and excited to see what you find for your shop!!


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