Wednesday, October 12, 2011

fashionable friend:Rach

Meet my dear friend Rach.  We work together.  When I started my job over 4 years ago I would look forward to talking to Rachel.  Shes very sweet and has wonderful stories.  Thankfully she sorta likes me and allowed me to take her photo. 

Usually when I run into her at another location she will tell how much she liked a certain post and that she knew she was going to see me so she wore something special.  I told you shes a dear friend.  Who wears something special just because I showed up.  Gotta love her! 

She walked into the office on this day wearing a belted turtleneck and some very cute jewlery.  Gotta point out that her watch is made of safety pins and beads.  Isnt she cute?!
Thank you Rach for allowing me to showcase you!
Happy Wednesday!
Stacia Lee

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