Friday, October 28, 2011

fab friday

Friday video!

Yikes thanks Vimeo for the wonderful start image of this video.

Key Notes
- Red sears pleated skirt from etsy shop. Red and pink combo is current fav!
- Business cards are in! Thanks to vista print for free cards! Only had to pay for shipping! Awesome deal!
- New series starting in November.  "Big style in a tiny apartment" Amanda will be posting on Monday a DIY to kick off the new series.
- I'm sponsoring one of my favorite style bloggers in November! During the month of November I will also be hosting on giveaway on her blog! Yeah!

Stacia Lee


  1. That skirt is darn cute. Someone is going to love that thing.

  2. I want to love that thing. But yes you are right someone will. I have had a few contacts about it.


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