Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY Upholstery

Hey bloggers,

As Stacia mentioned she is starting a new series for the month of November called "Big style in a tiny apartment." I am very honored to start off the blog for her with this DIY project. There were actually 3 different projects that I started to make the most of the items I already had by changing their appearance and adding a few simple items to make them really stand out. I will be sharing on of those projects with you today. This is the first time I have ever even thought about a blog, let alone publish one, so here goes :)

So these were 6 chairs that were lovingly given to my fiance and me by our pastor and his wife to start off our new marriage. So we knew they would need some aesthetic improvements and the padding inside of them needed a little help as well. The process for reupholstering them was surprisingly simple. We waiting until the fabric and padding went on sale at Joanna Fabric then used additional coupons on top to get the best price possible.
1. Remove the old fabric and padding (unless the padding can be reused)
2. Sand or smooth out any chipped or rough edges on the bottom and sides.
3. Choose a higher quality material for the fabric (lower quality will tear and puncture a lot easier)
4. Cut the fabric into squares about 2-3'' wider than the widest part of the chair. For our 6 standard size dinner chairs we needed 2 1/2 yards of fabric and padding.
5. With a partner, stretch the fabric one side at a time and attach with a staple gun.
A partner is necessary because the fabric should be stretched tightly and held down while the other person staples.)
6. Be sure to fold in the corners and continually flip over the seat to be sure it is smooth and even, especially the corners.
7. Trim off any overly long fabric on the bottom that has not been stapled down.
8. You will then need to nail/screw the seat to the base of the chair. (This is also simpler with a partner.)

And here is the finished product:

So the total amount spent for this project:
1. Fabric $12
2. Padding $15
3. Staples $5
3 hours

Thanks for your time reading this, hopefully it gave a little insight and helpful tips for you to spruce up your dinning furniture!

Thanks so much Amanda for guest posting for me! Those chairs look awesome! Maybe its time you start your own DIY blog?!  I hope everyone enjoyed this post as much as I did! Ill be back tomorrow with an outfit post!
Stacia Lee

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  1. Great job Amanda! I did that to an old chair I found at an antique store and love it! :)


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