Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have a few things for sale. If you are interested email me at

Today I have every intention to go through everything in this apartment and clean house,  that means I may be adding a more items very soon. 

First item:
Vera Bradley Cupcakes green combo sale. This includes the reversible tote, sleek wallet and sunglasses case. The original price for the 3 combined is $129. I'm selling for $60 plus s&h.

purse. the reversible side is blue and white diamond pattern.

sleek wallet. can be used as a "hipster" purse or take off the strap as a wallet.

zip around sunglasses case.

Second item:
Remember when I waited to purchase those adorable brown wooden shoes from Payless until BOGO came around. I purchased them and never wore them on the blog. Actually I never wore them ever. I took them home put on cushions on the sole and tried them on and they aren't wide enough for my feet. They are size 10.  The original price was around $25. My price $10 plus s&h

Thanks for looking!
Stacia Lee

1 comment:

  1. Those shoes are cute, bumma they don't fit. I'll post this on my twitter and stuff...


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