Thursday, September 29, 2011

personal shopping: Abby

We hit up: Old Navy, Forever 21 and H&M.  For some reason Forever 21 was being a bit lame and wouldn't allow me to take pictures. 

Old Navy- she purchased the jeans and purple top. I talked her into trying on these jeans and thank goodness she did they look awesome!

H&M- She didn't purchase either but they are both on her wish list.

H&M- She purchased the black silk blouse.  She has a mustard skirt and plaid skirt seen here that will look great with this top. 

What outfit is your favorite?
Abby will be back in October with a few of her favorite Fall outfits. 
Happy Thursday,
Stacia Lee


  1. Your personal shopping posts are always so much fun! Boooo to H&M, apparently they didn't get the memo about style and fashion bloggers giving them free advertising.

  2. LOVE the second outfit and want that skirt!

  3. Im so glad you like these posts Anna!
    Candis my favorite outfit was #2 as well! I would love that skirt! But I already have to tan skirts. It would be a good bday present for you!


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